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NEW! Journey: Advocates Bible Study (32 weeks)
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This new Bible study considers what it means to hold firm to biblical convictions and still engage in humble dialogue with the culture around us.


Join Sean McDowell, a leading apologetics and worldview author, and AwanaYM in this new 32-week high school curriculum series. Topics include apologetics, logic, worldviews, science, miracles, the resurrection and doubt.


  • Pages: 200
  • Material Type: Softcover, Spiral-bound
  • Dimensions: 8" x 9½"
  • Sales Unit: each
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Advocates includes 32 lessons plus video content. Bible study lessons contain introduction activities to help launch students into the Core Concept for each week, Bible passage, Core Verse, questions and much more.  For information on Journey Advocates and to download a sample:


Intro Activity
Each lesson begins with an experience to help launch students into the Core Concept for the week.

Core Verse
Bible Passage Diving deep into Scripture, students read a selected passage and Bible study content to unpack and apply God’s Word.

Bible Passage
This is the Scripture focus for the week. Students recite verse(s) as part of their award requirements.

Work Space
Work Space Students use this space to help them remember the Core Verse for the week. They may write, draw or design in ways that make sense to them.

Core Concepts
Core Concepts Core Concepts include a one-sentence main-lesson idea and a notable word with definition to help students understand the lesson.

Students explore two of the three provided questions or write their own about the week’s Bible passage. These questions are the basis for their small group discussion.